TV Tuesday -Sherlock

Over the years there have been many variations of Sherlock Holmes on TV. I will admit I fell in love with the CBS version – Elementary – but was late to the party on the BBC version. Here’s my impressions, opinions and take on it all. Enjoy.

Title: Sherlock

Network: BBC

Original Air Dates: 2010-Current (more on this later)

Where to find it: Netflix

Who are the stars:

Benedict Cumberbatch – as Sherlock Holmes

Martin Freeman – as Dr John Watson

Just like any other Sherlock Holmes story, Sherlock is a consultant for the police. Dr. Watson in this version is a vet returned from Afghanistan and looking for his place in London. He meets Sherlock via a friend and Sherlock takes him in immediately. Despite numerous warnings Dr. Watson moves in with Sherlock and the two become friends.

As the seasons progress so does their friendship. The cases they get to solve are amazing. Sherlock’s personality “issues” are front and center in each episode. Benedict Cumberbatch is a phenomenal Sherlock Holmes. His dry humor is a joy to see with each episode. His emotional and verbal tirades when dealing with difficult or “simple” people is well written and fun to listen to. He is truly an emotionless human being and watching him try to maneuver any kind of basic relationship is intersting.

Dr. Watson is one character who really gets put through the ringer. They start the show and he is just returning from war and dealing with loss, injury, finding confidence in himself. He grows as a human in the first season only to be knocked down a rung or two in the following seasons. Regardless of the trial, Dr. Watson always finds his way back to Sherlock Holmes.

The main cast stays small through all 4 seasons. Each season creates one particular villain and you see that storyline carried out until the eventual come-uppance at the end. There are 4 seasons available on Netflix. All seasons have 3-4 episodes. They are a bit on the longer side but well worth the time investment.

According to some blogs out there – Sherlock has not been cancelled, but writers and actors have been busy with other projects. They have noted that another season is not out of the question but would not be seen until 2022-2023.

If you are a fan of British actors, Sherlock Holmes or anything with dry humor, this is a must watch. I found myself watching this as I cooked dinner because I just could not wait until the kids were in bed to start up again. Take the time- watch the show- and let me know what you think!

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