I don’t know about you- but I need a distraction. So I write. And I am going to start writing about all the good TV shows or movies I have been watching. Hope you find something interesting to add to your watch list. If not- hopefully you find my write ups some what entertaining and enlightening. 🙂 Enjoy the distraction.


Network: Originally aired on SyFy

Original Air Dates: 2015-2019

Where to find it: or NBC app

Who are the stars:

This was my first “binge” and it is still one of my favorites. I was hooked after the first episode simply because of the writing/dialogue. I LOVE the chemistry between all of the characters. The banter back and forth through various episodes feels so natural you really believe the “family” feel between Dutch and Johnny. Not only that but every episode seems to have at least one good quotable line. You find yourself getting caught up in the lingo quickly and understanding the problems and locations covered in each episode.

I won’t get into too much of the story here, however, I will say that the general concept is this. Dutch and Johnny work as “reclamation officers” or glorified bounty hunters in outer space; Killjoys. They work in what is called the “Quad”; a series of 4 planets. The 5 seasons that aired revolve around their work as Killjoys. Later seasons there is a larger storyline that revolves around who Dutch is or was before she met Johnny. Like most shows it tends to get a little more far fetched, but never totally unbelievable. I found myself rooting for Dutch, Johnny and D’avin.

Dutch is a woman who can blend into any situation. She can dress up and mingle with high society or kick any low life’s ass. She is tougher than any other gal out there. She keeps her past secret but loves Johnny as her family. She would do anything for him and he knows it.

Johnny is the resident nerd. He talks to their space ship, Lucy, and knows everything about her. He loves anything tech and geeks out easily. He is the one who can think the group out of any situation where Dutch and D’avin are eager to shoot their way out. Oh and did I mention, he’s a smart ass who oozes charm and sarcasm.

Then there is D’avin. He is ex-military and just trying to find his way in the world. There is a link between Johnny and D’avin but I won’t reveal it here. He is always trying to do the right thing and honestly for as tough as he is he really is a big teddy bear. 🙂 BAHHH!!!!

I have said before I am a music nerd. I love good music in everything I watch and KILLJOYS never fails to deliver. There is great music for each fight scene. Then more music for the mushy stuff at the end of each episode.

Well – that ends my first writeup. Sorry but two glasses of wine has started to sink in. Hopefully you take the time to take in 1-2 episodes and see for yourself. It is a good watch if you enjoy a little syfy in your life. Enjoy the distraction and until next week….

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