TV Tuesday – Dark Matter

Title: Dark Matter

Network: SciFi

Original Air Dates:  2015-2017 (3 seasons)

Where to find it: Netflix

Who are the stars:

Melissa O’Neil

Anthony Lemke

Mark Bendavid

Zoie Palmer

Alex Mallari Jr

Jodelle Ferland

Roger Cross

Dark Matter was the second or third full series I watched; start to finish and another one where it ended way too soon. The story line is a unique one. 6 people wake up on a space ship and have no idea who they are or how they got there. They start trying to figure out who they were and who they want to become.

I’m a sucker for quirky shows. I also find myself gravitating to Canadian produced shows and or Netflix Originals. I enjoy seeing some of the same actors cross over into different shows just because they are all working for the same network.

Dark Matter had me hooked from the first episode through to the end. Some of the story line is a bit “out there” but it is a space fantasy show, why wouldn’t it? The acting isn’t completely garbage and the cast seem to really play well off of each other. As usual – there is a bit of sarcastic banter involved as the seasons roll on and characters are uncovered.

I also think the concept of waking up not knowing who you are is interesting. The struggle the characters go through trying to decide IF they want to know who they were and whether they want to be those people again is typical but yet a few surprises are thrown in.

If you want a decent SciFi show to pass the cold winter evenings, I do recommend Dark Matter. It wasn’t hard to get through all 3 seasons like other shows.

I suppose I should start rating these things instead of just “eh it’s pretty good.” Everything below is on a scale of 1-10 (10 being awesome, 1 being “eh”)

Writing – 7.5

Acting – 8

Other (music, costumes, lighting, sets, etc.) 7.5

Total – 7.6

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