“Are you there God? It’s me – Monica.”

It isn’t that I have forgotten this whole “blog” thing. I haven’t. It is like life; once you are SO far behind on something the thought of starting again is just so overwhelming you make the choice to NOT do it.

So I didn’t.

I wanted to write about all the big changes to our lives in 2019. But I didn’t.

I wanted to write about all the chaos of 2020- but it seemed like there was so much going on, again, I had no idea where to start. So I didn’t.

Instead of making myself feel guilty for all the non-starts I’ve had I am picking myself up. I am starting off fresh – with a new challenge to myself.

Challenge accepted – 1 new post every week. No matter how long or short; or random or organized; or fluffy or sappy. Content matters less than the commitment to do it. Hoping this challenge will be easier to keep than my fitness ones. 🙂

So- God – if you are there- it’s me. Monica. Just writing to check in and say thank you for all the blessings in my life. Thank you for the year of change that was 2019; middle child got a license, same child got a JOB, oldest graduated high school, we sold a house, bought a house, I quit a job, started a new one, bought a new vehicle. That’s about it for one year.

Then 2020 hit- and I thank you for all the small miracles in my life. Our health, the blessing of having all 3 kids home for 6 months, financially stable teenagers who purchased their own vehicles. We have one making her way in the world and another about to step out of his comfort zone after high school. And the youngest. Well – he’s just a whole other story -but still a blessing.

Until next time…

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