An Open Invitation & Note of Thanks- Please Read!

I thought about just adding this to Facebook but I figured I should add more context to the invite.

May 19th is the BIG DAY. Yes Prince Harry and Megan Markle are getting married, but I am going to finish my first marathon that day in Fargo, ND. I am inviting YOU to come and be a part of my big day.

The course map is HERE. You can see exactly where I will be running throughout the day.  Race starts that the Fargodome at 7:00 AM. I run anywhere between a 11:45-13 minute mile depending on a lot of things. I plan on joining a pace group to keep myself motivated. If I get into the group I want I plan on running about a 12 minute mile. Water stops are every two miles and I will be stopping for water every other stop for sure if not every stop.

I am making my marathon a social event. I’m inviting YOU to come out and cheer me on. God knows I need all the help I can get. If you know where you will be- message me the day before and I will look for you at the designated mile line. If you don’t know- flag me down as I go past. Wave, cheer, put your hand out for a high-five….heck if you want I can even stop for a “sweatie selfie”.  If you want a picture just wave me over. If not I will keep on truckin’. My goal is to finish – not qualify for Boston. I may even bring a sharpie with and have YOU sign something to show we met up- just not sure yet what that would be. If you don’t get my attention – or I don’t see you – please forgive me!! I will be concentrating on NOT dying in the middle of the road. Please take a picture anyway, post it and tag me. The Marathon site has an option where you can share your post with the athlete and my progress will be uploaded to the site. Click HERE to be able to do that.  I believe that option won’t be live until the day of the race. You will need to login or register to do this. I think you can register before Saturday. I will need lots of proof that I actually completed this crazy feat!

If you can’t physically be in Fargo/Moorhead that day you can still follow my progress. Click HERE to be taken to the Live Tracking section of the Fargo Marathon page. On the right side of the page you will be able to search for me by name, email or bib number. You may need to login or register to do this. I think you can register before Saturday. As I cross the 6, 13, 20 mile lines as well as the finish, my times/progress will be updated. My bib number is 818 -no that is not the time I hope to run each mile- just my number. The Fargo Marathon site also has an app you can download that would allow you to follow my progress. Click HERE to learn more about the app. Both of these options will only be live the day of the race so if you try to search for me before Saturday it will not work.

I’m hoping to post a picture or two before I start and I’m sure I’ll be posting something after I’m done. The jury is still out on whether this is a first and last or first of many to come. I won’t know for sure until a few days after my event. I’ve been training for this race since last July. I haven’t given up and I haven’t hated any part of it so I consider that a big win.

I also want to say thank you. For anyone who liked a post I put out on social media, liked a picture I put out there or left an encouraging comment- thank you. Every little bit helps and seeing feedback kept me accountable to my training. A big thank you to my physical therapist Dave, the Packer fan, for getting me bent in the right directions and getting rid of my shin splints. Thanks to Patrick Peyton, Julie Burmeister, Jamie Hess, Jim Phillips and many other seasoned runners for their endless advice. Without your help I would have been struggle-bussing this adventure for sure! I  also want to thank my family; my parents & my kids. All provided extra help to allow me time to train. All put up with my endless chatter about running. All dealt with my aches, pains and crabby-ness over the last few weeks. Finally my husband deserves a HUGE thank you. He more than anyone has been my rock, my inspiration, my banker and my literal leg to stand on some days. He tells me that I could have done this without him, but there is no way. His support makes dreams come true. Thanks babe- you are THE BEST.



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  1. Congrats on completing your first marathon. I am happy to have been a small part of your success. Happy recovery. I understand that drinking beer helps the aches and pain after running.

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