About The Sticky Note Life

Hello and welcome to The Sticky Note Life.   

My name is Monica. I am a wife. I am a mom of 3 (16, 14 and 5). I work full time at a day job. I also volunteer at our church cooking meals on Wednesday nights, singing with the choir and the praise band. I am a band and speech nerd at heart. I am also a DIE HARD Chicago Cubs and Green Bay Packers fan. Please do not hold that against me. 🙂

For as long as I can remember, I have been a list maker.  I will make lists of things to do just to cross them off.  I make lists on envelopes, scraps of paper, in note taking apps on my phone and of course, sticky notes.  The older I get and the more “balls in the air” I have the more lists I have to make.  I’ve also had a passion for writing. I write about anything and everything but never really had a place to do it.

Thus The Sticky Note Life was born

I wanted a place where I could share recipes, tips, tricks, hacks, articles, opinions, etc. I have people ask me “how do you do that” or “where did you come up with that idea” and I thought why not give them a place to go to find out.  I’ve created this space as a “catch all” location for all of life’s “sticky note” situations.

I do want to share a few notes about this site.

Randomness is the key to my life. Some posts will talk about life, others food, some fashion, others family dynamics. As this space progresses I will try to reign in my randomness but for now, it is what it is.

Positiveness is a must. I hate trolls, body shaming, mommy shaming, shaming of every sort. And it will not be tolerated here. I want a positive space where people can come together and support each other in their every day lives.  I will say things on here you may not agree with. Everyone is entitled to their opinions; that makes this world great. However, if you feel the need to share your opinion, please do it in a positive and respectful way.

Cussing is a must. Sorry but that is who I am. Yes I volunteer at the church on a fairly regular basis, but my husband will remind me that “sh*t” is not an appropriate word for church. I will do my best to keep the cussing to a minimum. However I make no promises that the occasional f* bomb or other such word won’t pop up.

Honesty is a necessity. We live in a world where we lie to people to keep from hurting feelings. Not here. This may seem a contradiction to “positiveness” but honesty in a positive way is very much attainable.

As I get going I will write about websites, products, apps that I use. I will provide honest feedback on why I like or do not like something.  Take it with a grain of salt.  Again, everyone is entitled to their opinions.

I want to thank you for taking the time to stop by and read up on whatever I have posted.  I cannot promise regular updates…I will do my best.  But know this- The Sticky Note Life will be a fun place to stop by every so often to learn something new (hopefully), check up on the happenings I happen to write about. Feel free to leave comments or questions out here and I will reply as I am able.  Thanks for stopping and enjoy The Sticky Note Life


**Photo courtesy of Trend & Couture by Ann Manning

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